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Title: Submission Guidelines
Post by: deathwilldie on October 02, 2008, 08:28:37 pm
Submission Guidelines

When making a new topic for a skin that you are posting make sure you follow these guidelines.

    *You must have a Preview of the skin.  The preview can be a TEST forum or it can be a screen shot.

The Link for the preview of the Skin Must be a Test forum, it cannot be a working/active board.

A Great way to show a preview
  • Go to ( and register there.
  • Then go to Themes and scroll down till you see submit a theme.
  • Once done filling in that information submit it and there will be a link a preview of the forum.
  • Just copy that link and then put it into your topic.  Then you will have a great preview of the theme.

Every skin posted here must contain a copyright directing to Revolution X. You may use this one: (Just put the following code in your topic.  Say it goes in your footers.)

<center>Theme Created by <b>Your Name Here</b>.  Find more great themes at <a href=""><u>Revolution X</u></a></center>